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Ordinary to Extraordinary - April 14, 2014


Duncan Smith is a fire-brand for Jesus. The heat emanating I recognize as the fire of the Holy Spirit. He is also a man of faith — reckless faith that is. This book is a vivid illustration of the same. Reinhard Bonnke — Evangelist, CfaN

Duncan Smith’s book is rich and calls us to stay in the hidden place, consumed with great passion for God. I am confident you will have a new hunger for the fire of the Holy Spirit. The knowledge of your Oneness in Christ will enable you to demonstrate the gospel to the world with burning love, accompanied by signs and wonders. Heidi Baker, Ph.D. — Founding Director of Iris Global

Duncan’s message of Oneness is a fantastic and glorious revelation! It has helped me personally, to remain in my place, as a son of my Heavenly Father. This book will challenge you and change your life. John Arnott — Founding Pastor of Catch the Fire

I love this book, just as I love this author. Duncan Smith is a gem, with a message that must be heard. Actually, this message must be felt, explored, and embraced thoroughly—and then nothing will ever be the same for the one embarking on this journey of journeys: being one with Christ.... These pages contain an impartation of great courage that is rightly suited for everyone. I can’t imagine anyone reading this book and remaining the same. Bill Johnson — Senior Leader of Bethel Church, Redding, CA

Hidden from the dawn of time but revealed to us in God’s Word, is the greatest mystery of all — Oneness with Christ. We were created not just to be like Him, but to become truly one with Him.

In Consumed by Love, Duncan tells the story of his journey into discovering the God of Love who, in Christ, became one with all of humanity. This priceless act of love holds the key needed for each of us to live an extraordinary life on earth that only God can live, accessing His infinite treasures and supernatural power and giving it away to the world.

About Duncan

Duncan Smith is a founding leader of Catch the Fire World, an international family of revival churches, missions and ministries. He is Senior Leader of Catch the Fire Raleigh, a vibrant, growing church in North Carolina. He also loves extreme missions among the unreached peoples of he world. He lives with his family in Raleigh.

Read the Introduction

The revelation of our Oneness with Christ changes absolutely everything. My great hope writing this book is that you will encounter the God of Love Himself as you read it and be transformed by His presence and power forever. If you have never met Jesus, the Son of God, my purpose is that you will meet Him in the pages of this book. If you have already given your life to Jesus, no matter how long ago, my hope is that you will encounter Him in a way you never have before. May you be fully consumed by Love Himself. May the eternal God of all grace crash into you with the giant waves of the endless, infinite ocean of His love as you discover Jesus as the Person, the Place, the Price and the Power of Oneness.

Jesus came to show all humanity our Eternal Father who loves us with an everlasting love. He demonstrated the full extent of that love at the Cross. He came to lay down His life, so that by believing in Him and by receiving Him, every one of us would become sons of God just like Him. Jesus became one with you at the Cross and died, so that by believing in Him, you could be one with Him for eternity in His resurrection. He came into our lowliness, so that by faith we could live in His highness forever.

Jesus came into this world to show us God so that we could see ourselves; who we are created to be as humans. Because God is invisible it’s easy to live so far below the full potential of who we really are. Jesus came to change that forever for each of us. He demonstrated fully what Love Himself looks like when He paid the consequences of all our selfishness and everything that has violated every human relationship throughout history. Jesus came and lived the perfect life we were all meant to live, so that the eternal debt of that life, which every human being owed God, could be paid on our behalf. Love Himself laid down His perfect life in death, so we could each live in His perfect resurrected life for all Eternity.

Our Oneness with Christ came at a price so beyond our comprehension that no book could ever do justice in attempting to describe the horrors of the Cross as He who knew no sin was made sin for us so that we could all be the perfection of God in Him. As you read glimpses of the sufferings of the Son of God for the whole world, including you and me, my prayer is that the knowledge of His incomprehensible suffering, the price He paid for our Oneness with Him, would anchor your faith in the eternal reality of that Oneness. My prayer for each of you is that you literally feel and experience the indestructible, eternal power that raised Jesus from the dead on the third day, when the Father by the Holy Spirit, raised the Son of God together with all who believe in His Son Jesus.

Of all the Apostles, it was Paul who writes the most about our Oneness with Christ. Before his conversion, when he was first called Saul, he encountered the resurrected, glorified Christ on the road to Damascus when He appeared in brilliant, blinding light and asked, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me?” He didn’t ask why he was persecuting His disciples and I believe that Paul could never forget that first encounter. As a deeply theological scholar he would have wrestled with Jesus’ profound words. Since when did Jesus become His disciples and more the point, when did His disciples become Jesus? This theological mystery is at the very heart of the full Gospel of Jesus Christ. This book is about rediscovering the glorious Oneness with Christ that Paul walked in, turning his world upside down, preaching the Gospel to the entire known world of his day and winning multitudes to Jesus by doing astonishing miracles, miracles that the world is desperate for today.

God is a consuming fire, the very fire of Love Himself. As you read this book may your heart burn within you, set ablaze with the love of Jesus. Discovering the price of love that Jesus paid to separate us all from the power of sin and death and join us to Himself in Oneness, will destroy all doubt about your life, your future or what will happen to you after you die. My prayer is that you will catch fire as the God of the Universe, who created you, fills you with His fiery presence and power as you put your faith in Christ alone and willingly surrender to His invitation to die to all things in this world, fully consumed by love. You will learn how you too can live a life of Oneness with Christ, full of the most extraordinary, supernatural adventures and miracles with constant, direct access to His infinite treasures, walking in love and transforming your world by giving that love away. The riches of God are your inheritance and He’s waiting for you to share them with the world. This book is for the hungry and thirsty, for all those who are longing for more of God.

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